The Study

The Study provides energy efficiency consulting services, architectural drafting and various other consulting services to the architectural and construction industry

Site Services

The Study provides architectural services to assist firms who, due to workload or remoteness, require assistance with, or wish to outsource, various architectural services. Due to our locations in Perth and the South-West, we are ideally situated to work on projects located in the South-West for Perth based owners and architects

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We are experienced in contract administration and project management, and are experienced in both AS and ABIC suites of contracts. If your project is too far from your office for regular visits, The Study may be the answer to increasing your firm's presence on site, and of course we will keep you updated on the progress of your project.


Designing for a site which you have not visited can be daunting. If the project size and location do not warrant your time to visit, perhaps The Study can help here. We can visit the site, take a full photographic record, and conduct a site analysis which will present the opportunities and constraints of the site for your design to better reflect the environment in which it will be situated.


Owners wishing to modify or extend their existing structures often do not have access to original drawings. If you need to conduct a site measure of the existing structures, consider The Study - particularly where distance from your office to the project site proves difficult. The Study can visit any type of building and conduct a full site measure for you to start designing the project from.