The Study

The Study provides energy efficiency consulting services, architectural drafting and various other consulting services to the architectural and construction industry

Referrals for The Study

Some of the comments from our clients who have been kind enough to offer some feedback on our services.


Indeed – I have dealt with quite a few EE assessors over the years and have found your work stands out as does your expertise in this area. I try and recommend consultants that provide good quality service and deliver quality products. You definitely fall in that category so keep up the great work…I will make sure that your details are forwarded to anyone requiring EE assessments and reports – especially the ones that are more complex in nature.

I also appreciate that you are happy to make the time for queries and discussions where necessary.  I look forward to working with you on future projects.


I engaged Tristan to revise some architectural plans originally drawn by someone else and to provide advice on potential improvements, including to the floor plan. I'm so glad I did and can't speak highly enough of his work and approach.

What I expected to be a straightforward process inevitably raised unforeseen questions around practicality, aesthetics and even building regulations, and Tristan proved to be invaluable sounding board. At other times he made intelligent assumptions but pointed these out to me. I felt the process was a good mix of collaboration and Tristan taking the initiative. He also went the extra mile; when software he was using failed to accurately depict some colours on an external visualisation, he used another software to add them manually.

I should add that Tristan and I were located on opposite sides of the country yet his timely and detailed communications made the distance irrelevant. All in all, Tristan delivered a fantastic service and I'm happy to recommend him.


Thanks for the meaningful feedback as always - its a great service you offer.


Thanks again for all this. I just showed my partner and we're both really interested at how things work.